Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Butterfly Drill

This month we are starting with = butterfly drills for X-Cel swimmers that can be used during drill sets in practice.  Also attached is a link to some video drills.

Swimming Drills

1.  Board Kicking - Purpose - improve the 2nd kick due to limited undulation.

 Kick, maintaining a non-stop rhythm of 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4, holding the top of the board

2.  "Big" Kick under - purpose - improve the unduation in the 1st kick.

Imitate dolphins by kicking underwater - hands at side - move the legs as one until, like the tail  of a dolphin.

3.  Side Dolphin - purpose - works both directions of the kick.

Dolphin kick on the side with hands back at the thighs.  Optional:  Extend the arm closes to the  bottom  of the pool and place the other arm at the side.  To work back flexibility, try drill in a streamline position.

4.  Corkscrew - purpose - work both the upbeat and downbeat.

4 Kicks on the stomach, 4 kicks on the right side, 4 kicks on the back, 4 kicks on the left side, repeat.  Try to keep the kick continuous.

5.  Hands Back - purpose - work on Rhythm

Dolphin kick on the surface, with hands held at the side and without a breath or with "limited breathing".  Focus on continous, "full range" kicking and life the hips out of the water.

Video Clip - 

Biondi Butterfly Drill -

 This is the Biondi Drill used to develop timing when learning butterfly. Make sure your body is arched upwards before you pull. Also helps to learn a quiet recovery
The Biondi Drill is referenced in "Championship Swim Training" and is also referenced in the book "Swimming Made Easy" where they call is stoneskipper.

Second Kick - 

Butterfly - 3-3-3 Thumb Drag -

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