Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Freestyle Drills

Here are four freestyle drills that concentrate on the 4 areas of freestyle - Breathing, Kicking and streamlining, Recovery and Entry, and Underwater Pulling.  

(1.)  BILATERAL BREATHING – Have the swimmers breathe every three or every five strokes.  This provides for stroke balance, promotes shoulder roll, and is a good lead-up to hypoxic training.

(2.)  6 – 6 TURNS – The swimmers do a turn, then push off on their back for six kicks.  They then turn to their side for six kicks before doing a bottom arm pull.  They must stay streamlined past the flags during all the kicking. 
(3.)  ARMPIT DRILL – The swimmers should touch their armpit during recovery.  They should concentrate on keeping their elbows up and sliding their hands close to the body.  

(4.)  CATCH-UP STROKE – The swimmers pull with one arm while the other arm remains outstretched in front.  They should recover with a high elbow until both hands touch together in front.  This is continued one arm, then the other.  The swimmers need to have a steady kick and breathe every three strokes throughout the drill.  This drill also helps to establish smoothness and hand acceleration at the back part of the stroke.  

Freestyle Video Clips

1.  David Marsh - Swimming Faster - Proper Body Position

2. Richard Quick - Championship Winning Walls - Turns for all strokes - Freestyle Flip Turn

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