Monday, April 30, 2012


These are some miscellaneous drills for swimmers to work on to help improve all areas - strokes, streamlines, turns.  

(1.)  DISTANCE PER STROKE DRILL – Have your swimmers do a set of 30 x 25s on 30 seconds.  They should descend their times in sets of three.  The first 25 should be easy and the swimmers should count their strokes.  The second 25 should be a little faster, but have the swimmers try to hold the same stroke count.  The third 25 is still faster and they should try to hold the same number of strokes.  Then they start over on the fourth 25 with an easy pace.  (Dick Bower)

(2.)  PUSH DRILL – The swimmers should drive off the bottom of the pool in deep water.  Have them hold a tight streamline position, kick, and stretch to the backstroke flags.  They should attempt to pop out of the water as far as possible.  This drill will help swimmers get a strong push off of each turn.

(3.)  STREAMLINE KICK – The swimmers should streamline and kick 12.5 yards underwater.  Have them concentrate on a fast kick.

(4.)  STREAMLINE DRILL – This drill is done while the swimmers are lying on their backs on the floor.  Their arms should be extended, hand over hand, elbows squeezed in against the back of their ears.   Their stomach and buttocks should be pulled in.  Be sure they keep their knees straight and their toes pointed.

(5.)  TORPEDO DRILL – Have the swimmers push off the wall underwater and glide as far as they can.  Stress to them that the push and the glide are fundamental.  Establish a standard for distance for each swimmer.

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