Monday, May 7, 2012

Backstroke Drills

Here are this weeks set of Drills - Backstroke - each drill is designed to work on an aspect of backstoke - Kick & Streamline, Recovery, Shoulder Roll & Head Position, and Underwater Pull.

Kick & Streamline

(1.)  DOLPHIN KICK DRILL – Have the swimmers do dolphin kick underwater for sections of repeat 100s or 200s.  They should hold a tight streamline position during the kick.  


(2.) KICK WITH HALF RECOVERY – The swimmers lift their thumb out of the water and recover to the midpoint.  Then they stop and rotate their hand as if it were the whole stroke.  The swimmers should then slowly lower their arm back to their side.  This is then repeated with the other arm.  

Shoulder Roll & Head Position

(3.)  KICK AND ROLL – Swimmers kick with their arms at their sides.  They roll their body from one side to the other every 6 kicks.  Be sure that they keep their heads still and that the kick turns with the shoulders.

Underwater Pull

(4.)  BENT ELBOW DRILL – The swimmers should kick with their arms at their sides.  They bend their elbows to bring their hands to just under the surface of the water.  They then push the water toward their feet snapping their wrist and hand at the finish.

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